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Thermal Springs: characteristics and benefits

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Caldes de Boí has 37 sources between 4 and 56 ° C of temperature, which allow more than 2000 daily techniques and treatments.


It has therapeutic effect registration of its waters since Roman times, being late eighteenth century when the first analyzes are performed in order to endow the scientific medical value, as they were known for their effects to restore health.


The 37 types of springs from Caldes de Boi Wellness Center can be used for therapeutic purposes. Emanation temperature goes from 4 ° C to 56 ° C. The waters are: chloride, sulfur, sulfates and bicarbonates. Sodium predominates in the warmer waters and calcium in the coldest. Their pH is basic to most, except those where cold water is acidic. As the wellness center with more variety of state waters appear in the Guinness Book of Records. This allows us to offer a wide range of treatments for both children and adults, as varied as can be: cures for rheumatic diseases, respiratory, neurological, skin, kidney and urinary tract, cardiovascular reconditioning, dieting, digestive, anti-stress and physical reconditioning post cancer treatment.


For this reason we have a medical team and therapist’s graduates, as well as facilities that allow us to make more than 2000 personalized daily techniques, combining our natural thermal resources and specialize in some treatments such as dermatological, rheumatologic and rehabilitation.


Therapeutic indications:

  • Rheumatism: joint disease, osteoarthritis, gout, fibrosis, myalgia, sequelae post-traumatic, sciatica.
  • Respiratory ailments: bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis.
  • Circulatory system: venous insufficiency, lymphatic and blood.
  • Urinary system: kidney stones cure diuresis.
  • Digestive system: gastritis, enteropathy, liver failure.
  • Skin disorders: dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, scars post-surgery.
  • Nervous System: neurovegetative dystonia, stress.